Bathroom Remodeling

Complete Bathroom Remodeling

If your looking to Remodel or Renovate your small or large master bathroom on a budget, The Remodeling Doctor provides affordable Bathroom Remodeling design ideas. From Rip out to Remodeling, we offer Quality Bathroom Remodeling in a short period of time. Most Bathroom Remodeling can average between 2 weeks – 2 months depending upon the size of the Bathroom and the challenge of choice & design.

If your thinking about Remodeling your Bathroom, the Average Bathroom Remodel is between $9,500 to $19,500 in costs. A low-end Bathroom Remodel typically costs around $4,500 while high-end remodels could cost as much as $26,000. So if your interested in an estimate whether it’s a small Bathroom Remodel job or a large one, call The Remodeling Doctor. Well schedule a No Cost appointment and discuss your wants, needs and budget expense.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling & Construction

Bathroom Contractor & Handyman Services

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Licensed, Bonded & Insured. The Remodeling Doctor is a South Florida based Contracting, Construction & Handyman Service offering Remodeling & Updating on Co-ops, Condos & Residential Homes across the Boynton Beach Community & Southern Florida area.

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